"Capturing Memories to last a Lifetime!"

New Solo Video Services

Put the video camera/ipad/smartphone down as we capture video memories to last a lifetime!

Watch your friend, child, team member or competitor ride their course and put your camera down. With T2 Digital Production’s Solo Video Services let us get the professional HD (1080P) video recording of each round for you while you enjoy seeing the ride. We also, for a nominal fee, offer Live Streaming; so, family/friends can watch from any mobile device anywhere in the world (when internet is available at the venue). Track one rider or two riders. Our HD video system tracks the rider(s) as they lope, gallop, canter, jump, walk or just stand in an arena, cross-country course or in an open field. Our system tracks the rider up to 2000 feet away. So, no venue or equestrian event grounds are too big.

Solo Video Services is not just for Equestrian events. We are also available for many other sports; for example, Soccer, Wakeboarding, Baseball, Softball, BMX, Motorcross, Surfing, Windsurfing, Football, Tennis and more.. Contact us for a demo.

Solo Video Services:


  • Video recording of one ride or every ride
  • Audio recorded as well (background music optional for nominal fee)
  • Live Stream of your ride is available for nominal fee
  • Service is limited to first come first serve **
  • Videos available within 24 hours of the event. Download link and share link will be provided

  • **Maximum of two riders for flat classes .. the rider closest to our camera will be recorded; so, guaranteed to be filmed 50% of your round. For dedicated recording, additional fee will be charged

    *Availability is limited to first come first serve. We can accommodate additional riders with advanced notice.

    Come see us in our T2 Digital Productions tent at your next horse show to-sign-up or to schedule our services by completing our online registration form: coming soon. For a list of upcoming events visit us at: coming soon.

    Please contact us with any questions. Send inquiries to todd@t2dp.com or give me a call at: (770) 308-5310